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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Carrington, Timperley & Sale Circular

This is a walk that takes in quite a lot of whats on offer locally to me and one that I have done in bits and pieces over the years tied in with other paths around the area. For this walk, I decided to join a few together to make a good circular route of around 12.5 miles (20klms), and done at a leisurley pace in around 4.5 hours. A very flat walk that takes in wooded paths along farm fields, a dissused train line, canal path, the River Mersey and parts of the (TRANS PENNINE TRAIL click here). There are options to add on a few more miles or even take a few off as some of the paths I took join up with others so the options are there if prefered to make a longer or shorter route.

The start of the walk is from the Mersey Farm/Premier Inn which is on the A6144 close to the Junction of the Carrington Spur road to the the M60. It's at the traffic light junction where there is a path that goes through Dainwell Woods. It's on the TPT and the National Cycle Network, No. 62, it also caters for horse riders so some days can be quite busy but today was a quiet one with only the occasional local dog walker. An easy path to follow and there are signs for the TPT and cycle path so it's just a case of following those for a bit as you come out of the woods and in to more open land. As you follow the straight path, there are other paths that venture off to the left and right but as I said earlier, they can all be joined up as seperate walks around the area to make different routes. The way I'm going will pass the Manchester United FC training complex, that is hidden behind a security fence and trees although the main service road that I go over will take you to the main entrance. For all the Trig Baggers out there, you have the opportunity to visit the local Carrington Moss Trig which is partially hidden in the undergrowth. This is found by going over the main service road, Isherwood Road, and turning right on to a track where the Trig Point is.

Premier Inn starting point

The start of the path through the woods

On the TPT

Through the woods

Right at the top

The long straight path

Past the farm

Over the main service road

Carrington Moss Trig point

After visiting the Trig, I turned round and carried on in a straight line along the track lined with trees with farm fields on both side. You come out of the trees and the track comes a bit overgrown here but still in a straight line and eventually crosses the old goods railway line and then turns left at Brookheys Farm to walk beside the old line. This is know overgrown with trees and other vegetation and you wouldn't know an old line existed here. There were plans to open up the "live" line a couple of years back but these have been put on the back burner for the foreseeable future, although there is/was talk of opening it for a new road and cycle path for the new houses that are earmarked for the area. (CLICK HERE)

At the end of this track I crossed the main service road again, close to Woodcote farm, and carried on following the old line passing under a bridge where the local  Refuse Recycling Centre is, AKA The Tip, and eventually coming out onto Sinderland Road.

Walking away from the Trig

Along the overgrown path

Signs of the old railway line

Next to the hidden and overgrown railway line

Crossing the old railway crossing

Overgrown trainline

Following the old trainline

Underneath the bridge next to the local "Tip"

old building along the dissused track

Turning right here

Crossing the busy Sinderland Road

Back on the "TPT"

Crossing this quite busy road and walking down the footpathless lane, care is taken as this can be quite busy at times, I found myself back on the TPT as I passed stables and the Altrincham Business Park making my way to the Bridleway which is another old train line from Altrincham to Warrington. I only stayed on this for a couple of hundred yards as I turned off left to make my way on to the BRIDGEWATER CANAL (click here)  which is a 65km (39 mile) canal stretching from Runcorn to Leigh in the North West of England.

Down the pathless lanes

Passing Altrincham Business Park

Down pathless lanes

Across the road onto the Bridleway

On the Bridleway

Turning off the bridleway

Along the field towards the Bridgewater Canal

Onto the Bridgewater Canal


Following the Canal from here to Stretford is around 6 miles, as you go through the areas of Altrincham, Timperley & Sale. There are various stop off points for any kind of refreshments from Pubs & Cafes and also quite a few seating areas for a pit stop. Lots of barges/canal boats are moored up at various points and there is also a place where you can hire canoes/kayaks for a few hours if so desired. Although it wasn't overly busy today, the section between Timperley and Sale can get very busy at times as folk get out for a bit of easy excersise either walking, jogging and cycling. In fact, on good sunny weekend days it does get overley busy with all manor folk so midweek is probably best on this section to avoid the masses. Quite a few ducks/geese about to add to the Canal life.

The old Lynotype Works being developed into hundreds of houses/appartments

Appratment blocks a plenty

Reflections on a good calm day

The Geese family taking it easy

Approaching Sale

You can hire Kayaks/Canoes from here on the opposte side

The Bridge Inn, Sale

Approaching the M60 bridge where I turned off left

Turning off the Canal just before the M60 bridge, I made my way across the Crossford Sports Field heading to Crossford Bridge and to join the River Mersey. You have to cross the busy A56 which is the main road in to Manchester and runs all the way to Chester. A busy point as its the main joining point for the M60. Crossford Bridge is also the historic boundary of Cheshire & Lancashire so a bit of Cheese and Hotpot would be a good snack to have here :-)

Heading onto the Sports Ground

Walking across the sports ground

Out of the Sports Ground to the busy A56

A good time to cross the A56

Onto the River Mersey

A straight forward walk along the Riverbank to the metal footbridge that I crossed to take me back along the path and road that runs next to the A6144 spur road and back to the start at the Mersey Farm/Premier Inn. All in all, another good few hours in decent warm windless weather. Not busy anywhere really so a good relaxing afternoon out loacally.

Following the River Mersey

Following the River Mersey

Following the River Mersey

The A6144 and footbridge across the River Mersey

The track along the A6144

The track along the A6144

Left at the junction

Along the lane next to the A6144

Coming out near the start of the walk

Back at Premier Inn after around 20klms & 4.5hrs

My viewranger track of the walk can be found by CLICKING HERE