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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Aberdaron to Pen-y-Cil 10-8-2013

So that's the big tent put away for another year then!! It's only been out twice this year due to other commitments but it's worth it for a few days away. The Llyn Peninsula in North Wales is a place we have looked at going for some time. It was one of the very first times that I camped out, back in the days of motorbikes and no motorways and it took forever to get there. That time me and a couple of mates had a big old canvass tent that had seen better days but it was to be home for the weekend as we took in the delights of Abersoch . Fast forward a few years, marriage and a couple of kids and it was in the caravans of Green Acres Holiday Park and the Black Rock sands that took up a few weekends to keep the kids happy. This weekend was to be a bit more gentle and quieter as we found a small campsite a couple of miles from the quaint seaside village of Aberdaron on the tip of the Peninsula. The campsite was the Bryn Tawel and is the ideal site if you want some peace and quiet away from the more busier sites nearer to the beaches.
The small campsite with the separate playing field in front
View from the back of the tent as the sun goes down over the coast
After taking it easy late Friday afternoon and into the evening we had decided to pay a visit to Aberdaron for a look round and also a short walk along the cliff tops on part of the Llyn Coastal Path.

We got parked up and headed for the beach where we walked across the rocks, as the tide was in, to pick up the path that led us up on to the high track above the coastline
The rocky walkway
The path leading from the beach to the cliff tops
View back down to Aberdaron and the beaches
This proved to be a good gentle walk round the top following the coastline with only one really steep descent and re-ascent as you get to Porth Meudwy where you catch the boat for trips out to Bardsey Island
View of Porth Meudwy from the Wales Coastal Path
People waiting for the ferry
The ferry on it's way to Bardsey Island
Fisherman trying his luck
 It was quite warm as we made our way round the gentle and easy to follow path that offered some good views of the coast and also of a few small coves that were below us. We passed the old harbour at Porth Pistyll from where granite was shipped from Graig y Cwlwm Quarry. There are the remains of an old pulley on the beach and also on the grass bank next to the path we were on

The view of our way forward with the old building down below
The view looking back to Aberdaron
The old harbour at Porth Pistyll from where granite was shipped from Graig y Cwlwm Quarry.
Another old pulley next to the path we are on
It's a long way down, above another cove
Looking back along the path and down on the cove
Bardsley Island
No sign of any seals or Dolphins
We were now at the tip of the Peninsula with Bardsley Island in full view. From here we made our way to the stone cairn on Pen y Cil and admired the views all round. Although there are meant to be quite a few Grey Seals and the odd Dolphin around these parts, on this walk we didn't spot any. The only wildlife we did see was quite a lot of butterflies, seagulls, ravens and a few kestrels.
A Kestrel over the sea
View back to a distant Aberdaron from Pen y Cil
Pen y Cil stone cairn
Bardsley Island with a few locals
We decided that we would retrace our steps from here and head back the same way. It was such a warm day that we took it easy and tried to spot some seals, which we didn't. It also gave us a chance to admire the views back towards Aberdaron and look forwards to having a play on the beach :-)
Back along the coastal path
View towards Aberdaron
Nooks and cranny's along the cliff bottom
Porth Meudwy
Aberdaron Beach
Couple of houses with great sea views
Messing on the beach where the sea was a few hours ealier
View back along the beach and the cliff top walk
After we had devoured a lovely ice cream we decided that we'd drive a few miles round the coast to another beach, Porth Oer (whistling sands) This is another popular beach and another that is on the Wales Coastal Path. We again had a very short walk along the beach and up on to the path we some great views of the beach and out to sea
Whistling Sands Beach

Whistling Sands Beach
A small cove next to Whistling Sands
Overgrown and little used Wales Coastal Path above Whistling Sands
Whistling Sands Beach South
Whistling Sands Beach North
Happy feet :-)
All that was left to do was have another bbq as we watched the sun go down on yet another great day out on the coast of Wales
The sun going down on another beautiful day
When we got back to the tent I went down the lane to see what was making a really loud noise. I found a bull in one field that looked like he was trying to pick a fight with the bull across the road who had all the ladies. Quite funny but as the wind had picked up the sound isn't great.