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Monday, 17 August 2015

Capel Curig 24th July 2015

We had a couple of spare days so what better way to spend it than under canvas on a working farm in the heart of Snowdonia :-) The weather forecast was set fair with the possibility of a light shower on the Friday morning, turning brighter as the day went on, mmmmmmmm?? Well Friday morning came and so did the rain, not heavy, just light rain and luckily it wasn't windy. We had decided to have a low level walk that took us on a circular round CAPEL CURIG, following a route know as the HERITAGE WALK. A good way to spend a few hours of any day really. We haD decided to have a nice cooked breakfast at the Pinnacle Cafe in Capel so we headed out of the campsite and followed the path through the damp bracken that comes out at the car park just behind the cafe and the outdoor clothes shop, a gooD half hour walk to start with :-)
Our route for the day

On the path towards Capel Curig
Looking back towards Snowdon

After the filling brekkie we headed across the road, over the stile and followed the path across the field taking us up behind the Capel Curig Hostel and campsite. The rain was still coming down although there was the suprise of a cloud free Snowdon despite the rain.

Looking back down on the Cafe
Its only water!!
A cloud free Snowdon despite the wet weather
Through woods and sheep filled fields we followed the path out of Coed Bryn Bethynau Nature Reserve that brings you out next to the Capel Curig School house on the main A5 road. We headed across the foot bridge opposite the Cobdens Hotel, over the Afon Llugwy and through the woods coming out opposite the PLAS y BRENIN MOUNTAIN CENTRE. It's still raining by the way

this green and pleasant land
Moel Siabod and a distant Snowdon
Through the woods
Footbridge over the Afon Llugwy
Afon Llugwy
Little red riding hood in the woods :-)
Plas y Brenin Mountain Centre
Over the footbridge and we had a nosy around the centre with it's ski slope, cafe/restaurant & bar, reception, hostel and great views of Snowdon, . A great place that offers weekend and longer activities in and around Snowdonia. We made our way back to base along the outgoing path along the A5 and great views of the Snowdon Horseshoe, Moel Siabod and the twin lakes Llynnau Mymbyr of the Dyffryn Mymbyr
Snowdon across Llynnau Mymbyr
Back on the Path along Dyffryn Mymbyr
Little Red Riding Hood of the bracken fields :-)
Moel Siabod across Llynanu Mymbry
It's still raining!!
A great little walk if you have a few hours to spare while visiting this part of Snowdonia. We didn't follow the whole History route but it an be found HERE
As the rain had decided to stay and was getting a bit more heavier we decided to pack up earlier and head for a warm dry bed :-)