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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Edale Skyline 30-3-2013

Well this was a complete surprise today, a good six hours around the top edge of Edale. Jill is working all over Easter, late's, so we are like two ships passing at sea this weekend. 9.30am this morning, it was a case of go to the DIY store for a few things, do a bit of this and that, or as Jill told me, take myself off for a few hours! So Edale it was then as it's only 45 minutes away and the roads were well clear of the recent snow fall.
I got to the NT car park at the bottom of Mam Tor, as the road down to Edale was closed due to snow & ice
 And made my way up on to Rushop Edge for the start
There was still a lot of snow on the high ground but it was very patchy. Most of it seemed to be on the sides where the sun dosen't get at it and along the paths and against the walls where it had be blown there by the strong winds of last week.
The sun was a welcome change as well as it has been quite grey and cold. It certainly makes everything feel better with the blue sky and great views but there was still a chilly wind blowing. Not a bitter biting wind but just enough to keep hat and gloves firmly in place.
There was also some very deep snow drifts
I was making good progress and was soon passing Lords Seat with excellent views down Edale valley and my skyline route
Although the snow was piled up along the path it was quite easy going as it had hardened up in the cold weather. It was deep as you could see where other people had been when it was soft and it looked like hard work.
Making my way round and taking a short cut here and there by following the foot prints of other walkers I was soon on the approach to Brown Knoll. Normally this is a bog fest of a place but today was OK. It was a bit muddy in places but there was also plenty of snow and hard ground so it wasn't to bad at all
From here it was a straight forward walk to the top of Jacob's Ladder, again with excellent clear views down the valley and beyond

The path here is a mixture of well laid out slabs and peat bog to hard compact snow. It is also the point where you get to see all the sandstone sculptures the have been carved out over the years by the weather.
there was also some good panoramic views laid out in front of me
Once I had made my way through the Woolpacks, it was across the top of Crowden Clough
And across to make my way to Grindslow Knoll that was to be my way down. It had begun to snow a bit and it looked like there was one or two snow showers passing further down the valley. Nothing to be worried about as the sun was still breaking through the clouds
The way to Grindslow is again by a mixture of well laid out path and boggy ground but easy to follow
I got to the summit and there was a noticeable difference in the wind chill as it blow up from the valley. Not a place to hang around as this was quite bitter and a total surprise to the rest of the day. At least the distant snow showers stayed away
I was hoping to carry on around to Ringing Roger and make my ascent from there but time was running out as I wanted to be back at the car about 5 so I made my descent down Grindslow Knoll via deep snow, frozen peat and mud
My descent path also showed me my re-ascent route back up to Mam Tor. At least for now I was on fairly solid ground as I passed through green fields with a few sheep grazing in the pleasant spring sunshine
I was soon in Edale village where you can see the extent of the recent snow as it was piled up along the side of the road. There was also quite a lot as I made my way up the paths towards Mam Tor
There was also a great view of the route I had done today which was now bathed in sunshine
The final push through the last bit of snow before I made my way up to Mam Tor
I got to the Summit with great relief and a great sense of satisfaction as this had been quite a hard six hours. Deep snow, frozen peat bogs, wet slushy mud and quite a bit of ascent & descent, yep, this had been another great day out in great weather with great views :-) Beats DIY and the like anyday :-)


  1. Fab day out and beats a lot of things.

    1. Cheers Martin. here's to more of the same this year :-)

  2. Great stuff, and a hard six hours indeed I would think, such days would be beyond us now in those conditions.
    Those photos show a huge variation in the snow from extensive deep drifts to none at all, it's very hard to predict for any particular route. The hills of the western Peak visible from our house are still mainly white.

    1. Thanks Geoff. It was quite hard but very enjoyable. Glad to see the back of the snow now though and lets hope we have some decent long warm sunny days ahead :-)