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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blencathra 1st September 2013

This was a walk that was organized by a walking mate through the Walkers Forum and also on facebook and was done to try and raise a few quid and also awareness of a worthy cause, The Calvert Trust. The idea is that each member that attends the meet up's donates one or more items, these could be anything to do with walking, camping or the outdoors. For example, a spare walking pole, or a spare head torch - anything that you think could raise money no matter how small. These items will then be sold on stalls at the Rheged Centre in Penrith, and all money raised will be  donated to the Calvert Trust.
Although there wasn't a great number of people on this walk, it all went smoothly and it was a great pleasure to meet and walk with Sir Chris Bonington who is a supporter of the Calvert trust and donated one or two of his jackets to help raise some funds.
Although the day was a bit overcast at times, any amount of rain stayed away as we made our way from Threlkeld and followed a nice and steady path that took us along the bottom of Gategill Fell and Doddick Fell to the steep climb up on to Scales Fell
Gate Gill
nice and gentle path
Through the bracken
Mind your step

Doddick Gill
the steep climb up Scales Fell
Our first look at Sharp Edge

Our way up to Scales Tarn
We made steady progress and was soon making our way up to Scales Tarn where there was a sudden change in the weather. It wasn't rain but really strong winds. In fact it did it's best to blow us off our feet at one point. We had decided to have a break here for something to eat while we decided which route to take. Despite the wind, five of us decided to tackle Sharp Edge led by Sir Chris Bonington while the others decided on the more straight forward ascent of the well defined path from the Tarn to the summit of Blencathra
Sharp Edge overlooking Scales Tarn

Taking a break before we tackle Sharp Edge

About to start Sharp Edge (photo courtesy of Clive)
Scales Tarn from Sharp Edge showing the path the others took
Although it was very windy around Scales Tarn, there was, to our surprise, very little wind on Sharp Edge which made it a very pleasant crossing as two of our party hadn't done it before. It's no place to get caught out by very windy conditions as there are steep drops but this time it couldn't of gone any better. A great scramble
Ricardo on the crest
Looking down Sharp Edge
Sir Chris leads the way
Scales Tarn far below
The Famous five conquer Sharp Edge (photo courtesy of Clive)
We topped out on Blencathra and made our way across the plateau where the mist had started to roll in a bit and the wind was quite strong as well. Although not thick mist we still had some views but the wind made sure we didn't hang around for too long. We met the others on the summit and had a group photo before we made our way along the path to Blease Fell, from where we made our descent
Blencathra Summit Plateau
Blencathra summit (photo courtesy of Fiona)

A misty view from the summit with Halls Fell Ridge on the right
On the way to Blease Fell
Looking back to Blencathra summit from Blease Fell
The way down from Blease Fell with a view of Derwent Water
The descent was straight down and onto a zig-zag path before going though thick bracken and coming out in the village of Thelkeld from where we started. In to the local pub for a drink and a chat and also a chance to get to hear a tale or two from Sir Chris Bonington and have a photo taken with this very charming and down to earth person. A great honour to walk with him and another great day out to remember
The steep descent of Blease fell
on to more level ground
view over to High Rigg
Through the bracken
Sir Chris holding court
A pleasure to meet you sir :-)
A great day out with great company and hopefully some money raised for a great cause. Thanks to Richard for organizing the day and also a big thanks to Sir Chris Bonington for his time and his donations.



  1. Thanks so much Andy for doing this write up, and for joining us on the day. A great read and nice photos mate, I especially like the one of Sir Chris on Sharp Edge with Scales Tarn below. Superb day!

    1. My pleasure mate. Enjoyed the day and the company. Cheers

  2. great pics mate of a fantastic day out....clive

  3. That looks cool. I'm glad you all had a brilliant day, and hats off to Sir Chris Bonnington for giving his time like that.