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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Rivington Pike Last Walk Of 2013

Well with the weather being as it has been over the Christmas & New year break we finally found a few hours late new years eve afternoon that was free of rain and gales. We decided to go to Rivington Pike as it's a thirty minute drive and easily accessible for a couple of hours fresh air. We parked up at a free car park which is at the start of two rough and stony paths, one that leads up to the Terraced Gardens and the one we took, the more direct route up towards the tower under Levers Bridge. It was now really sunny but hazy and we had a faint view of Blackpool tower in the distance. On really clear days it is possible to see Snowdon, the Isle of Man & The Lake District. No such views today though! We came back down through the gardens and woods, past Pigeon Tower and the lake and back to the car as the sun was going down. A decent couple of hours and not too many people out today and there was a bite to the breeze but a good way to finish off the year. Can I finish by wishing you all a happy new year and hope it's another good one, cheers :-)
A Distant Blackpool Tower
Rivington Pike Tpwer
Winter Hill TV Mast
Pigeon Tower
Sun Going Down
Happy New Year :-)

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  1. Looks like an interesting place. Coincidentally a mate of mine suggested it for next week, so might give it a bash myself!