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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Walk Along The Thredbo River, Australia

Wednesday 22nd Febuary 2012 saw us camping at the Thredbo Diggins campsite next to the Thredbo River in the Kosciuszko National Park.

This was a really truly fantastic two nights, warm and sunny during the day and cool and clear by night. Sat around the camp fire having a beer and  looking up at the milky way takes some beating and it's something that won't be forgotten any time soon.

Lazing about on the hammock with a couple of kangaroos for company whle the kookaburras laugh in the background will stay with me forever and a day

We aso had a duck or two for company while cooking on the open fire pit. Wonder what it's waiting for!!
A popular area for fly fishing, although this particular time was very quiet with only half a dozen other campers well spread out. The river was quite low as the rain hadn't yet reached this area and so it was very clear. It was also very quiet and peaceful and the only sounds was the kookaburras
 and the ripple of the river.

We set off along the Bullocks Track that followed the river towards the Skitube & Lake Crackenback Resort and then followed the river walk for another 3km's
A real relaxing 5 hour walk through the valley along easy to follow tracks with the forest covered mountains on both sides. We only saw two other people all day and they were busy fishing.

With the sun shining and very little breeze it was proving to be a great day and there was some good reflections on the river

 At this point we did find time to refresh our feet in the cold and refreshing river. Very nice

We carried on back along the tracks and you can see where there had been bush fires in the past as a lot of the trees still bare the scorch marks

The rocks make good lookout points

Along the tracks we did come across a bit of wild life including quite a few lizards
an Echidna
a Bush Wallaby
not quite sure what this is but it was about 3-4 inches in length
a snake that made a hasty retreat into the bush. Infact we saw 3 snakes but they were all to quick for me to get a decent photo!!
  a Funnel Web spider

A rather large beetle
and a large stick insect

While on the walk, we got talking to the two fishermen we saw and they very kindly gave us a freshly caught brown river trout to put on the BBQ. Well it would of been rude not to, so thats what we had for tea :-)
Done on the fire pit with corn on the cob, tomatoes, potatoes and rice with a few beers, Heaven :-))
The following morning was again a beautiful blue sky day and very warm. There was no hint of what was on the way and five days later the rains had come and flooded most of the area in and around Kosciuszko National Park. In fact the rains affected 75% of New South Wales but we managed to miss the worst of it. We were lucky to of had five days and nights of really good weather around this great wilderness area.