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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Helvellyn, White Side & Raise via Striding Edge

Friday 30th March saw me up in the Eastern Fells on a very warm and pleasent spring day. I have been on Striding Edge twice before in fair weather but with quite a breeze blowing from left to right that makes it a bit tricky at times to stay right on the spine. This day however was to be different. With virtually no wind and with clear blue skies although a bit hazy, conditions were as near to perfect as could be. I set off from the car park at Glenriding about 12.30pm and was soon on the steady path nd looking back to Ullswater

I took the path that takes you past the old mines and follows Mires beck through the valley as the shapely mound of Catstye Cam soon takes up the limelight

The easy to follow path leads you upwards around the base of Catstye Cam but it was a bit hard going this stretch as there was no wind to keep the heat of the sun away so a few rest stops were gratefully recieved.

Helvellyn soon comes into view, complete with the last of the winters snow, or not!!

I made my way to the hole in the wall and the views down the valley towards Patterdale & Ullswater

After another rest stop I made my way up the banking as close to the edge as possible as I wanted to take full advantage of the conditions and take in as much of the spine that I could. I really wanted to appreciate the full length of Striding Edge and the added bonus of having it vertually all to myself. In all, from one end to the other I must of seen about 8 other people taking on this classic Ridge
A look back along the edge see's another lone walker enjoying the conditions
  with another two making there way down from a very quiet Helvellyn Summit

A quick chat as we pass and I was soon on the last of the rocky scramble before making my way up along the final steep secton that brings you out at the memorial stone

Looking back down from the memorial stone along the edge with Red Tarn below and Ullswater in the distance.
 As I topped out there was a noticeable difference in temperature and there was quite a stiff breeze blowing with quite a bite to it. Jacket, hat & gloves went on as it was quite fresh compared to the summer like conditions I had below. That's the mountains for you!
I made my way along the very quiet path to the wind shelter for a bite to eat and to take in the views of the surrounding fells and valleys before making my way along the top to the summit of White Side.

This was a pleasent walk along the clear path and views all around, although vey hazy and quite misty towards the North & Western Fells, Although the wind had died down a bit there was still a chill in the air as I made my way on to White Side

On getting to the summit of White Side there was a geat view of Hellvelyn's other classic ridge, Swirrl Edge, that takes you up onto the summit of Catstye Cam, with Striding Edge in the background

It was then another gentle walk along the distinct path up to Raise that offered great views back down to Ullswater
All that remained was to make my way down a route that bought me almost ontop of the old mine workings that I passed earlier on my ascent, with views along the valley that shows my ascent path from Ulswater and up behind Catstye Cam

I got back to the car park 6 hours after I left so a good day in the Fells. I had a rest next to Ullswater, just as the sun was going down, which was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic day out, some really good photos there, I also had striding edge to myself last June. So much better without the crowds.