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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Fitzroy Waterfalls, Morton National Park, NSW, Australia

Well this was a great little walk that we decided to do after a bit of rain!! We were staying in the Kangaroo Valley at a camp/caravan site for 3 nights and it had rained for a continuous 36hours so the falls should be OK, we thought. So on Tuesday March 8th 2012 we decided to go to the Famous Fitzroy Waterfalls
The day we went was a dry start, warm but cloudy. Will it stay that way??hhhmmmmmm  We got parked up, had a look round the excellent visitor centre and then set off on one of the trails along the boardwalk

 we soon found out that this would be quite impressive and maybe a little shorter than planned as we came to the first hurdle of a fallen tree across the path

 and then a closed trail due to the danger of being washed away

 We carried on down the main boardwalk that took us through the damp rain forest

 and eventually bought us out at the viewing platform above the main Fitzroy waterfall



 It was certainly powerfull and the noise was tremendous. It didn't need to rain as the spray certainly gave us a soaking. We decided that we'd go on all the trails to get a good feel for the place as we had plenty of time on our hands so off we went to the Jersey lookout

 This gave us a great view back to the falls



 and one that looked straight down the valley

 by which time what we thought was mist was rolling in ::)

 We carried on toward the Twin Falls and by this time we were on proper walking tracks as the mist turned to drizzle and the tracks turned to streams, again

 The views down to the valley floor were still there though, just

 and back to the main falls

 The twin falls were just as spectacular, loud and wet



 We found out that we couldn't go any further as the rain had flooded the bridge

 and the track that lay behind!!

 By this time it was getting quite wet so we had to turn back and head for the safety of the bridge which was getting a drenching from below


 and above

 After a change of clothes, again, and a brew,

 we got talking to the ranger and he told us he'd not seen the falls like this for quite a long time and that the paths had not been closed for as long as he can remember!! It did make the falls very spectacular though and worth the rain just to experience the sheer power of the water. As well as us getting wet, our cameras got a bit wet and jill's packed in but thankfully mine was OK 8)
 It did rain quite a bit and we were sat in the van when we got back to camp watching the paths turn to rivers. Eventually it did stop and it's amazing how fast the paths clear up. The rain did provide a bit of water in the other waterfalls surrounding the valley and you could see one or two tumbling down in the distance


 That night we were treated to a fantastic full moon and the day after was the most perfect day for the 3 trails walk O0
 Here's a video I took showing just how spectacular the falls are

   Another fantastic day on a fantastic tour 8)



  1. Great photos, looks very wet mind and that river also looks a bit dangerous.

  2. Cheers Phil.
    Yeh it was a bit wet but it made for a great few hours :-)