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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Three Views Trails Australia

On our recent trip to Australa we went on a few walks and one was the Three Views Trail that is in the Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales. The day we did this, March 9th, was the best day of the three we had at this camping/caravan site as there had been a lot of rain. In fact prior to this day we had 36hours of heavy rain that near flooded the site!!! This day though was a bright warm sunny blue sky day O0 the walk was 3 there and back bushwalks that took you to three rocky outcrops overlooking the Shoalhaven River, Tallowa Dam and the Yarrunga Lake. The whole walk took just over 4 hours along easy, flat and sometimes wet trails. An awesome day with superb views that are straight out of the films and holiday brochure. The photo's don't really do the place justice and I have some video footage that I'll upload t a later date when I replace this slow PC. In the mean time enjoy the photo's.
The flooded site the day before

The start of the trail

and the easy to follow path

that leads to the Shoalhaven River lookout

Then on to the next one along the tracks

The Yarrunga Lake lookout

A pano of the river & lake

Back along the track

Dodging the water

Admiring the view

One for the Brucie fans with the dam in the background

We had the most awesome time despite the weather over the last 2 weeks. It was the worst summer for 125 years with a lot of rain covering all of New South Wales but we fortunately missed the worst of it but still had about 10 days of rain.
Here's a video of the three views.


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