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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Moel Siabod 26-8-2017

Well another re-visit to my favourite Snowdonia mountain and this time doing it t'other way round. Most people tackle it from first going over the Daear Ddu Ridge before dropping off the rocky East Ridge and back to Pont Cyfyng or by taking the grassy path down through the forest and to Plas y Brenin. Now I'd seen one or two folk going up the East Ridge, passing them on my descent and always thought that it looked a good way to ascend, going over the rocky ridge rather than on the rough path. As it was Bank holiday weekend and the weather for Saturday was set fair, I decided to take advantage and set off at 7am, and was booted and ready to go for 8.45 in good clear warm conditions. Up the lane past the cottages and farm and heading up the easy wide path that leads to the disused quarry under the East Ridge. Before the quarry at the gate I made my way up through the heather following feint sheep tracks and path that lead me on to the small ridge of rock & boulders
My route for the day
Early morning photo of a cloud covered Snowdon
Moel Siabod ahead
Moel Siabod
Making my way through the heather and onto the left hand ridge
Looking down on the disused Rhos Quarry
Disused quarry on the main path
Looking across to a cloud covered Snowdon, Glyderau & Carneddau Massiff's
Despite some high cloud knocking about and also the main Glyderau, Carneddau & Snowdon massif's being in cloud, it was warm and tee shirt & sun hat were the order off the day as well as plenty of liquid in take. Although there is plenty of heather about, there was also plenty of rocks to get a good firm grip making the going very good, a lot better than following the rough track as it winds itself up. The views were also good as was the small bits of cheeky scrambling to be had. Another bonus is that all other folk seemed to going the traditional way, far below me. I only saw one other walker on my way up and along the ridge and he was descending by the path, so a good quiet warm few hours was had :-)
Hands on rock time
Sticking to the left of the rocky scramble
Looking down on the quarry and my ascent route
Looking across to the Daear Ddu Ridge
A cloud covered Snowdon Horseshoe
Looking down on Garth
After a rest and a chance to take in the fine views I made my way over the rocky East Ridge that is a great way as you clamber over rocks and boulders with a few minor dips in places. There are one or two gullies that you have to look out for with big drops down to Llyn y Foel but with plenty of room on the ridge they are easily avoided. The views from up here are great and you get a full on look at all the main areas of this great place. The cloud was staying away from Moel Siabod, that is until I reached the summit when it changed in an instant. From tee shirt and sun hat it was now fleece and jacket as I took shelter out of the wind. Typical!!
Looking back along the rocky ridge
My way forward to the summit
Llyn y Foel below one of the gullies
Up to a clear and quiet summit
Clouds rolling in
Clouds rolling in
Although there is a summit shelter, I decided to find a spot with a view of sorts while I had some lunch and hung about for about 45 minutes hoping for a break in the clouds. There was one or two breaks that offered views of my ascent route but not much the way over towards Snowdon and the Hebog range over Beddgelert. In the 45 minutes that I was on the summit, no-one else was there making it one of the quietest I have spent up here. The sun was trying it's best to burn off the clouds and as luck would have it, it started to clear as I made my descent by way of the path that takes you back under the summit area and diagonally down towards the Daear Ddu ridge and Llyn y Foel.
A clear Moel Siabod summit
Moel Siabod summit shelter
Not so clear over towards Snowdon & down towards Bedgellert
Across to a cloudy Cnicht & Moelwyns
As clear as it got over Snowdon
My clear way down
Looking back up to a clear Moel Siabod summit
Llyn y Foel coming into view
I got to Llyn y Foel and thought I'd go round the back on all the rocky outcrops as this way gives you a great view of Moel Siabod and another way that most people miss out on, deciding to stick to the main path that takes you right under Moel Siabod and so miss out on some good views. It also gives you the chance just to sit on the shore of Llyn y Foel and take in the shear peace and quiet this place has. Some quality time in a quality place.
Looking up the Daear Ddu Ridge
The outflow for Llyn y Foel
Moel Siabod and Llyn y Foel dam wall
Admiring the views
Moel Siabod & Llyn y Foel
I made my way across all the rocky outcrops and down to the unnamed quarry pool before heading down for a look round the disused Slate Quarry before making my way back to the main path and the car park.
On the approach to the unnamed Llyn
One lonely tree
Moel Siabod from the unnamed Llyn
All clear in front
Looking back to the route up Moel Siabod
Slate Quarry
Slate Quarry
Quarry pit
Moel Siabod from Slate Quarry
Slate Quarry


So another great, warm and quiet Saturday in August in this fantastic place :-)

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